TAFA   Harlem Protest  oil on panel

TAFA   Harlem Protest  oil on panel

TAFA: Echoes

Recent paintings by distinguished artist, Tafa Fiadzigbe, will be on view at New Door Creative Gallery in Baltimore’s Station North Arts District, February 21st through March 22nd, 2015. Greatly anticipated by area enthusiasts and collectors, the exhibition entitled "Echoes" reintroduces the artist to the Baltimore region.


Opening Reception     February 21st, 3-6 P.M. 

Gallery Open House   Sunday,  March 8th, 3-6 P.M.

Gallery Talk   Saturday,  March 21st, 3-6 P.M.

 Known as TAFA, the Harlem, New York-based artist has exhibited internationally for the past twenty-five years, and explores the ethos of a diverse range of social and cultural phenomena. His abstract paintings are characterized by a highly vivid palette and rich impasto, giving form to moving rhythms that evoke primordial memories.  

 Widely collected, the work of TAFA explores cultural, political and human conditions with a style  that is bold and inspiring. The current exhibition features a selection of 17 paintings, varied in scale and theme; and includes paintings from the artist’s Protest and Sports series.

 Named the 2010 Sport Artist of the Year by the American Sport Art Museum and Archives, TAFA translates his fascination with the mystical power of sport and ‘the arena’. The collective consciousness, energy, and social focus of competitive sport and sport heroes are the subject matter of a widely collected body of work the artist continues to explore. A native of Ghana, TAFA’s paintings arouse sensibilities that emerge to decipher the intrigue of beauty and passion, and also of political prescience and power.