Artist Morgan Monceaux       1945-2017

Artist Morgan Monceaux       1945-2017


Our recent world stage has introduced major social, political and cultural dialogues and events:   HAMILTON, the fifty year celebration of Major League baseball player Jackie Robinson (“42”),  gender rights, the roar of Native American voices in protest, ‘Russia Gate’, a Presidential election, and the passing of music legends B.B, King, Ornette Coleman and Chuck Berry. 

These events all have something in common:   Artist Morgan Monceaux.

So, who is Morgan Monceaux??

 Monceaux  grew up in the presence of New Orleans music legends.  A history buff and truly visionary artist, Monceaux is perhaps best known for his portrait depictions of political and cultural luminaries. He finds inspiration from a fascination with the narratives of visionary artists, leaders and cultural icons. His passion for creative expression takes structure in the form of character series that are inspired by remarkable untold stories.

Monceaux rose to fame after creating his first series -GEORGE TO GEORGE - all the U.S. presidents, from Washington to (then) Bush. The flagship collection was featured in the 1992 New Yorker magazine article “Hail to the Chiefs”, where writer Adam Gopnik describes the series as ‘a unique meditation on history’.  Red and Black, The Royals, Jazz and Blues Musicians, Divas, Miss America, and ShadowBall are series which followed; all crafted in a manner that is both sophisticated and genuine in their presentation of the personalities they interpret.  Monceaux portraits of Ray Charles, Dinah Washington, and B.B. King are included in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

His passion to chronicle a broad scope of human capacity reflects his wide range of interests and fascination with the narratives of those whose vision have impacted history.  He informs the viewer with a rare ability to interpret personal nuance as clues to individuality.